LocavOregon Manifesto

Welcome to LocavOregon!

Let’s explore the tastes and adventures of eating local in Oregon.
A locavore is a person who chooses local foods in preference to food from outside their local area.

Who I am:
Native Oregonian, now living in Vancouver, Washington.
Raised in farming country. Growing up, we ate almost exclusively beef raised by my grandfather and fruits and vegetables we raised in our garden or canned from local sources.
But I’ve been a slave to convenience eating and cooking since college.

Who I’m not:
I’m not a vegetarian.
I’m not a gourmet cook.
I haven’t had a garden since leaving home 30 years ago.

What we’ll explore:
Why eat local?
Where can you find local food?
What are easy ways to prepare fresh local foods?
What restaurants serve locally sourced food?
How can you get started with container gardening or home gardening?

I plan to share recipes, tips, and a bit of the philosophy as I learn more about being a locavore.