Vancouver Farmers Market July 5

The Vancouver Farmers Market is really hopping now. It is open both Saturday and Sunday. We started the Vancouver USA’s volksmarch from Esther Short Park next to the Farmer’s Market. I was fascinated by the clean-up already done from the carnage of the 4th of July celebrants. Volunteers groups and community service servers were out collecting any bit of trash. What a joy to live in a place that takes pride in having fun but leaving no trace! My walking cohorts were a bit behind schedule, so I took the opportunity to buy Rainier cherries and potatoes from an organic farmer from Pasco, Washington. He had a Russian accent and told how his family used to pick the cherries themselves, but found that one Mexican picker could do the job far more efficiently.

After the walk, I first bought a bowl of jambalaya from the Gumbo Goddess booth. I love their spicy jambalaya and it’s now always my first choice.


I browsed all of the booths before buying bright red Vann cherries and a bunch of beets. I was disappointed that none of the usual bread booths were there, as I wanted a loaf of bread for my party in the evening. I was about to exit when I noted the Hmong Farm booth. They also had lovely beets, at the great price of $1 each. I bought five bunches and decided we’d have beet greens with the pork loin at the party.

While I’d been disappointed with the variety of produce booths the past few weeks, I see now that it was just because there wasn’t much produce yet to sell!

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