August Snack – Wild Blackberries

I’ve been making weekly cobblers with the blueberries and blackberries from my CSA farm, but you don’t have to look far for blackberries in this neck of the woods. I am fighting the good fight to keep them out of my backyard, and not organically. But there are neighbors who aren’t trying, and the wild blackberry brambles are now full of firm black fruit. I went out for a sunset walk this evening and took along a ziplock bag. I was headed for a big patch of blackberries along a Burton Road, but didn’t have to go that far. I found plenty of fruit along a path that will link a new neighborhood with Burton Road. I picked enough to add to the CSA fruit for my next cobbler.

Back at the apartments I rented in Cedar Hills and at Sylvan, we had huge banks of blackberries nearby and I would pick enough to make a large batch of jam. I don’t think I’ll get that enthusiastic this year. But I’ve always enjoyed walks in August and September that took us past blackberries for a warm jammy snack.

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