I planned my weekend walks around the local farmers markets. I needed to meet up with Kari from our Portland to Coast walking team to get the gear back from her. We met at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. She lives nearby, but like many people she doesn’t get to it as often as she would like. I love the variety there. I bought red peppers, lettuce, cilantro, basil and beets. We walked for an hour.

On Sunday, my walking buddy Will and I wanted to visit the Hillsdale Farmers Market and to finally ride the OHSU Tram. We parked at the farmers market two hours before opening time. We went through the neighborhood to Terwilliger and encountered the the Oregon Trout City of Portland Triathlon bike leg. As we walked the three miles along Terwilliger, we were passed by a stream of 300 bicyclists. Some were all geared up with fancy bikes with aerobars, disk wheels, and streamlined helmets. That was a happy surprise. As we passed by OHSU, Will preferred that we ride it up from the South Waterfront. We picked our way down to Moody street by a route that was probably not the best (although probably the shortest possible). Once there, however, we discovered the sad truth that the tram doesn’t run until 1 pm on Sunday. The pretty much torpedoes any future plan to combine it with a trip to the Hillsdale Farmers Market. Sigh.

But even more sigh – by this time we had already walked about six miles and would now have to climb back up to Hillsdale on muscle power. We are both familiar with taking Corbett south and steeply up, then crossing I-5 on the Briar Place overpass, then back up Terwilliger to Hillsdale. Along the way, we encountered a fellow volksmarcher who said she had moved to a condo at South Waterfront and was loving it. It will be a very nice area, with the streetcar and tram for easy transport. There are more and more restaurants and shops in the bottom floor of the buildings. But on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, everything was closed and we had to beg forgiveness of a construction crew to use their portajohn.

I enjoyed the huff and puff of the climb up Corbett and noted a couple of new houses since we last trudged up this hill over a year ago. The John’s Landing neighborhood is definitely a nice place to live close-in, especially for those who work at the VA or OHSU. While South Waterfront is all about tower living, John’s Landing has single-family homes and row townhouses. I prefer the latter sort of neighborhood. Both have great access to the Riverfront Trail along the Willamette River, and the nice greenspace of Willamette Park. John’s Landing has plenty of fun restaurants and one full-scale grocery store, plus a Fred Meyers up on Barbur Blvd.

After we reached Barbur Blvd., I joked to Will that we had only 500 more feet to climb. That is only a very slight exaggeration. But the Hillsdale Farmers Market had everything I wanted at the end of this exhausting hike. I bought bacon from Sweet Briar Farms for my BLT sandwiches, local pasta and cilantro pesto. It was a great challenging walk.

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