Local Art

Our house is a gigantic blank canvas for art and decor. We decided to live with things in a simple state until we had been here for over six months before doing any major decorating. We brought with us one large Thomas Kincaid print that hung over the mantle at the old house, and was immediately ensconced in the same position in the new house. I wanted to do a fun medieval thing with the bedroom, and found an inexpensive rendition of one of the Unicorn tapestries. That was it until May.

In May, I saw a painting I liked at Anne Amie winery and took down the artist’s name, Terry Peasley. I checked his web site and discovered a couple of paintings that suited our style and evoked for me the feeling of the Oregon wine country (his prints of Erath and of Mt. Hood Festival of Wine). I emailed, we talked, and in just a couple of weeks I had two framed prints on the wall – one in the dining room and one in the Great Room. Terry works part-time as a medical technologist, which is coincindentally my profession and that of my husband. He has created wine labels in addition to his watercolors. It suited my newfound locavore philosophy that my art should be local as well. I love the prints and I love having met and supported the artist.

My husband was browsing through the Street of Dreams when a print caught his eye. It was also a watercolor of a forest. He noted the artist’s name, Jan Barba Horn of Myrtle Creek, Oregon and soon was in contact. When the unframed print arrived, I agreed with his selection. It is now at the framers. It gives me great satisfaction to gaze on lovely art and at the same time know that I am supporting a local person to do what they love to do.

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