Preserving the Tomatoes

I am finally getting more tomatoes than I can use immediately from my tomato plants and the CSA farm. Like a good friend, I gave some to Will, who doesn’t have any patio tomatoes this year but shared his with me the past two years. I prefer freezing to canning. I have far too many memories of canning all during the hot summer in our house that had no air conditioning. No thanks! Meanwhile, I have enough freezer space now to handle some produce.

My usual tomato sauce relies on canned tomato sauce and pesto. This year I’m making and freezing my own pesto batch by batch. But I am starting to get concerned over bisphenol A in the lining of canned food cans. I can avoid that by having more of my own frozen tomatoes and tomato sauce.

A quick glance at the internets shows that freezing tomatoes is simple. No blanching is required. You just freeze them whole, halved or chopped. If you freeze them whole, the skin will pop off when you thaw them.

But I also want to make batches of slow roasted tomatoes with herbs, as that sounds like the best precursor to spaghetti sauce. You just roast them slowly at low temperature in the oven all day, then freeze them.

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