Plastic in the Kitchen

I’m convinced that everything I wear, eat, and sit on will eventually be determined to be carcinogenic, cause diabetes, or give me wrinkles. Trying to avoid one chemical just sends you into the loving arms of another. I don’t use disposable bottled water bottles because they fill up landfills. But the big 5-gallon jugs for our water coolers are polycarbonate made with bisphenol A. OK, I’ve mostly switched to using the filtered water from my refrigerator at home. Next, I am sure to find that the filter may contain toxins. And I’m sure the water reservoir for my two Keurig coffeemakers is made of polycarbonate.

If I stop using Stretch-Tite wrap or Costco’s re-branding of it because it is made of PVC, will I then find the replacement is just as bad? I recall being told not to cover food in the microwave with a paper towel because of dioxins in the paper towels!

For what it’s worth, here is the Green Guide on Plastic Containers, with their current take on what to avoid and what to use instead. At least my Baggies are still thought to be “safer.” I guess it’s all like “safer sex.”

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