New Park – L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

LL Stub Stewart State Park

One of the newest state parks in Oregon is L.L. Stub Stewart State Park. We enjoyed a hilly volksmarch walk there last weekend. Map and photos of the L.L. Stub Stewart State Park Walk . “Stub” Stewart was a local lumber company owner who served on the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission and died in 2005. This is a bun-burner of a hike on wide trails. The Banks-Vernonia Linear Park rail trail passes by the park. My walking buddy Will and I explored this park last year when they were still building the camping spots. Of note is that the trailer campsites are larger than my house lot. And you could fit in two of the row houses they are building just south of us!

For locavores, there are farm stands along Hwy 47 and Hwy 26. Take the time to stop, enjoy a corn maze at Jim Dandy Farm on Hwy 26 and have some fun!

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