Old Park – Local History

Stone Hearth at Lewisville Park

Last weekend I hiked in one of the newest state parks in Oregon and one of the lovely old parks in Clark County. This photo is of a stone hearth in a log picnic shelter at Lewisville Regional Park, Battle Ground, Washington. The park structures were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. Out of that economic despair, we got lovely infrastructure. The stone railings lining many old highways and these structures in state and local parks are classic Northwest to me. I love them so much that I tried to choose rock trim for my house that recalled the stone highway railings.

I hadn’t been to Lewisville Park for several years. The walk there is a real “keeper” for regular training as the wooded trails provide wonderful shade, you enjoy the river and a new trail through the woods.
Lewisville Walk – Map and Photos

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