Coleman Vineyard – Charmed by Savannah

Our Thanksgiving Weekend excursion into the wine country of Oregon took us to two McMinnville-area vineyards we had not visited before. Coleman Vineyard is a family-owned sustainably farmed vineyard in the McMinnville appellation. We spotted it on the drive to Maysara Vineyards. Just how “family” is this estate winery? How about an 11-year old winemaker, Ryan Coleman, whose Racy Red is a delight? Wine Press Northwest covers the story on how, yes, he really does make the wine, right down to negotiating with Mo Momtazi for some of the wonderful fruit that would otherwise have gone into Maysara wines. Ryan was there, not allowed yet to touch the wine, but selling cask stave candle holders at the great price of $16.

Charmed by SavannahI enjoyed all of the wines, but we had just bought a case of Maysara and decided to wait on Coleman wines. But I had also spotted entrepreneur Savannah’s beaded wine charms. I have been wanting wine glass charms for when we have parties, to allow my guests to tell their glasses apart. But I always hesitated in buying them at a store, I wanted something unique. Savannah, like Ryan, is about 11 years old and she runs her business professionally with a web site, Charmed by Savannah and good salesmanship. I was happy to buy eight charms from her. She even provides a guarantee if the string breaks, etc. For both Ryan and Savannah, the money will go towards their education and retirement. They are both serious in their business and produce excellent products. Coleman Vineyard is only open by appointment or for events. We will probably visit again when we make our twice-yearly trip to Maysara. We especially enjoyed the comfy chairs in their tasting room. We asked if there was a story behind the pirate on the vineyard sign. No, not really, Randy Coleman just likes pirates.

2 thoughts on “Coleman Vineyard – Charmed by Savannah”

  1. Savannah,
    Thank you so much for the charm. It is beautiful. I have your web sight bookmarked so I won’t have trouble ordering.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I am Ryan Coleman. I was googling myself for fun when I saw this blog.
    I am now making lazy suzans from the heads of the barrels as well as the candel staves. I would love to see you guys out here again.

    I would like to thank whoever wrote this blog for all of the wonderful things that they said.

    Hopefully I’ll see you guys out here this Thanksgiving and if you guys come out remind who you are and I’ll give you a free Candle Holder.

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