The Turkey Keeps on Giving

Tom Turkey at Maysara WineryI roasted a 24-pound monster bird for just the two of us. That might seem excessive, but for $5.22 I am getting a lot of value:

Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy with cranberry sauce for two days

Turkey sandwiches for lunch for three days.

I froze half of the turkey breast for later use.

I cooked the neck, gizzard, organs and then added them to the crockpot with the lower half of the turkey carcass, wine and water to make turkey broth. I froze the first batch of 6 cups of broth.

I added more water and wine after draining the first batch of broth and cooked again through the day. I used this broth to make gravy for turkey and noodles – it was delicious. I also braised some beet greens to go with them.

Today, I’ll make more broth from the top half of the carcass and plan to make more stuffing using the broth, plus turkey and dumplings for dinner.
Photo © Wendy Bumgardner

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