Lapellah – Locavore Restaurant in Vancouver

Lapellah just opened in the past few weeks at Grand Central in Vancouver. The name means “roasted” and comes from the trade language used in Vancouver in the 1800’s. They feature a wood fired grill, oven and rotisserie. The dining area was designed “with a sustainable approach.” I found it to be warm and cozy, with a mixture of booths and big family-sized tables for groups. Their hours are also convenient – lunch and dinner every day of the week and brunch as well on Sunday.

The menu focuses on local, sustainable and seasonal choices to produce “American comfort food.” These include lamb, steak, fish, seafood and macaroni and cheese. The pork and beef come from Carlton Farms. I made a reservation online through Open Table. We arrived at 6 pm as the snow was falling, and many booths were taken. Chef Brad Root also operates Roots and 360 Pizzeria in Camas, Washington.

The decor was stylish yet comfortable. Our waiter was pleasant and helpful with my husband’s food allergies. We selected a two different local wines they were offering by the glass and each was quite quaffable.

I was tempted to get the dungeness crab and cheese fondue for an appetizer, but we didn’t want to be out too long with the snow possibly accumulating. Rich had the caesar salad and I had the mushroom and wild rice soup. The entrees come with your choice of two sides. I had the molasses greens and cauliflower with gouda. Both were delicious. I had the braised pork shank and Rich had a New York steak. The rolls were much like my mom’s raised yeast bread – sweet and delicous.

The entrees were competently prepared. I would have liked more oomph in a glaze or sauce for the pork. I could have been tempted by the dessert menu, but the snow was sticking and we didn’t want to delay getting home.

I had a $5 off coupon but forgot to use it. No matter, we shall be returning and definitely trying the macaroni and cheese and fish and chips. It is great to have a new restaurant in Vancouver that focuses on local foods.
Lapellah: web site coming soon.
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One thought on “Lapellah – Locavore Restaurant in Vancouver”

  1. I just received an e-mail in my inbox that Lapellah is now serving local LAMB on their menu. SHAME on you!! How could anyone eat lamb. It’s bad enough that the poor pigs and cows suffer TREMENDOUS TORTURE for the satisfaction of people, but now the lambs have to be included in this carnage. I will NOT be frequenting your restaurant!!! SHAME on LAPELLAH!!!

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