Transportation Changes Coming for Tualatin

We left Tualatin a year ago after a nice life there for over 20 years. Traffic to, from, and through Tualatin had become a nightmare. Each day I fought traffic jams in commuting to work. But on a day off, I soon realized it was just as bad all day long as traffic was at a standstill on Tualatin-Sherwood Road. That made for unpleasant walking and impossible driving.

The I-5 to 99W Connector Project has been working on the problem. They unveiled their recommendation for Alternative 7 – the Three Arterial Corridors Alternative. Having lived for so long in the neighborhood most impacted, at first blush I like it. My husband attended some of the stakeholder meetings as he serves on the board of a club that could be impacted. I like the multiple-solution alternative, as the cars and trucks making the congestion aren’t all going to the same destinations. Some want to go north on I-5, some south, some to Hwy 217, some east on 205. This plan widens existing roads and adds new connectors with the least impact on neighborhoods.

I am very happy to live now in an area of Vancouver where there are multiple connectors and many different routes I can take home. It lessens the traffic on any one street. I am eternally grateful we didn’t buy a house further east where there are fewer connectors and much more traffic on the existing streets heading to even more new neighborhoods.

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