One Garden, Please!

It’s time to plan the garden. In my case, it’s time to create the garden out of the area I left barren in the back yard when we moved into the new house a year ago. Our soil is mostly rocks, so it isn’t possible to just till it up and add compost and seeds. I also want to plan for the least maintenance, so I need to adjust the automatic sprinkler system to water the garden.

I contacted the landscaper our development is now using and spent a pleasant 30 minutes discussing my dream garden with Tim of Water-Rite, Inc. He immediately steered me away from raised beds. He pointed out that the area I wanted to use was already well-contained, all it needed was a bed of good garden soil. I didn’t need new sprinklers, just changes to the existing zone of sprinklers. I liked the idea of not building raised beds that will eventually decay and look shoddy. Also, with the new plan I could change the area to anything wish in the future without having to dispose of the raised beds lumber and hardware.

I’ll also have the sprinklers extended to water my hanging baskets from above. I’ll have to come up with some other weight lifting regimen vs. daily plant watering. And I’ll be able to take a long weekend without coming home to dessicated hanging baskets. The cat can care for herself for days, but plants need lots of attention!

The price tag isn’t cheap (about $500), but this is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. I spent about $200 last year on self-watering containers, potting soil, and plant starts. My new garden will have far more growing potential. Now I’ll have to go browse the seed aisle!

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