My Mom Cheated

As my seedlings are sprouting away in the master bathroom, I called Mom to ask for gardening advice. My plot of soil arrived last week and I was eager to know when to transplant my seedlings. “You’ll have to call your brother,” she said. Why? “I always just bought the plants,” she said, “But he starts them from seeds.” Well, when do I plant the plants? “Late May.” Dad chimed in, “May 15,” and Mom agreed.

Yikes! Another 45 days without being able to use my jet tub? I have to trust my parents, we always had a great garden bursting with tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, corn and cukes. But all of those seed packets led me astray with their talk about starting the plants weeks before the Last Frost date (March 23) and implying you should get them into the ground soon thereafter.

“Peas,” said Mom, “I think people are planting peas now.” For some reason, our family almost never planted peas, although Mom loves fresh peas.

In response, I bought lettuce starts at the Vancouver Farmers Market and took them out to my new garden plot. Lettuce doesn’t mind the cold. I have some sprouting in the bathroom, and I planted spinach and lettuce seeds in my containers. The containers are slowly sprouting. I planted the lettuce starts and impulsively planted three of my collard sprouts. We shall see if they all survive. I also planted some peas in the area where I’ll be putting up the support net for the tomatoes and peppers.

It makes sense that Mom bought plant starts rather then sprouting seeds. Our family home doesn’t have a good sunny room for sprouting seedlings.