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Pulled Pork PlatterI was searching for a good place for our anniversary dinner in Vancouver and got a coupon for Farrar’s Bistro in Felida. I checked their menu and thought it would be worth a try. The bistro is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I called in the morning and spoke with Debbie and with the chef, Terry, to see if they could accommodate my husband’s food allergies. Yes, they could make him a filet and mashed potatoes, while I could sample their usual fare.

Farrar’s Bistro is a small place behind an antique shop, off NW 36th Ave. Although it’s on the opposite side of Vancouver from us, it’s an easy drive and we even spied a bald eagle coming in for a landing at the Salmon Creek Greenway. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. It doesn’t have a luxurious feel, but is comfortable. Arriving on a Monday evening, there was one person drinking at the small bar, a group of runners arrived and had drinks, and another couple arrived and had dinner.

The wine menu includes Northwest selections at $6 per glass and bottles for under $25. They had some of our less-expensive favorites, but we chose Washington state cabernet and shiraz. I loved the shiraz. They also serve cocktails and microbrews and a full espresso bar.

The dinner menu is small and well-crafted with grilled and barbecue selections. I went for the pulled pork platter (pictured): served with “smokin’ chipotle coleslaw, ember roasted sweet potatoes & cheesy jalapeno cornbread” plus grilled vegetable and rolls. Every bite of the pulled pork and the other dishes was a flavor orgy. The pulled pork was barbecue flavored without any obvious sauce, but no ordinary flavor, a perfect balance of mustard, smoke, sweet and tangy. The sweet potato was buttery and sweet. The cole slaw was its own perfectly balanced experience with a little heat, a little sweet, a little tangy but all in balance. The grilled vegetable was broccoli in cheese sauce with the broccoli perfectly steamed to retain crunch and the cheese sauce not overpowering but still savory. The cornbread was also delicious.

The problem with the pulled pork platter is that I don’t know how I can ever manage to order anything different. It was just too good to pass up. Rich’s steak and potatoes were also very good and we enjoyed two glasses of wine. We had passed up the salads, which looked great but we hadn’t ordered one with a dressing Rich could tolerate. So we had room for dessert. We should have shared one, but I had to have the “cranberry pecan bread pudding drizzled with caramel rum sauce” and Rich chose the chocolate sour cream cake. I am almost always disappointed by bread pudding, but this one was very good. I had half leftover and our waitress (the founder, Debbie) packaged it up with extra rum sauce.

Entrees are in the $18-$20 range. Dinner is served Monday-Friday. Lunch Monday-Saturday and open at 8 am for coffee Monday-Saturday. I’ll have to try lunch sometime soon. This place is definitely a keeper. I’ve become disappointed with Lappellah after two meals and I like Hudson’s but Rich wasn’t as thrilled. Farrar’s Bistro satisfied my desire for a place to have a great dinner with wine in Vancouver. I’m going to put Debbie’s Blog on my blog reader because I see that they have wine tastings and other events. They will be closed Memorial Day Weekend. I love supporting a great small local restaurant that serves fantastic food.

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  1. I am an employee at Farrar’s and I have to say that we all appreciate you’re input. I have worked for Debbie for two and a half years and I can say first hand that she puts her heart and soul into Farrar’s. When you visit you’ll see that we all work very hard and hope that everyone feels at home. Thank you for sharing you’re experience with the rest of us.

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