Pip's Original - Donuts

Pip’s Original Doughnuts on Fremont

Pip's Original
Pip’s Original

One of the value-added benefits of dining with Portland Food Adventures are the certificates you get to eat at some of the chef’s favorite places. These range from fine dining to casual to coffee to bars to food carts. One of the certificates from the Sarah Schafer/Irving Street Kitchen dinner was for Pip’s Original Doughnuts.

Pip’s is locally owned by Nate and Jamie Snell. They say they named it Pip after the orphan Pip in Great Expectations. They were self-funded, orphaned by the banks. Their labor of love has now earned praise, ending up on Top 5 Donuts in Portland lists on Thrillist and Yelp.

Pip's Original - Donut Machine
Pip’s Original – Donut Machine

What sets them apart from the endless line for Voodoo Donuts is that they make only mini-doughnuts, fresh. They have three standard flavors and one seasonal, all based on how they top the donut rather than the basic doughnut itself.

I planned my walking workout around a trip to spend my $10 certificate at Pip’s. We had over four miles logged when we dodged around baby strollers, dog walkers and coffee drinkers on Fremont. The entry into Pip’s was crowded, but the line itself was only a couple of orders long. You can order in batches of 4, 6, or 8. I chose a variety of all of the three basics: Sugar and Cinnamon, Honey and Sea Salt, and Nutella and Sea Salt. They also have a seasonal flavor.

Now you can watch the donut machine make donuts and their chef toss the hot donuts with the chosen toppings to order. You get handed a plate of donuts that has only been out of the oil for maybe a minute.

Pip's Original - Donuts
Pip’s Original – Donuts

These donuts are amazing – hot, airy, doughy, and the toppings a perfect complement. I might want more, but three to four are extremely satisfying. A great snack in the middle of a long walk.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t studied up to discover that they blend their own unique chai mixes. I will have to return and have a chai. You can choose from four different flavors, freshly mixed.

My walking buddies and I see how Pip’s can become an addiction. Certainly it’s worth a pause to get these fresh little bundles of goodness.


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