Canteen – Refreshing Juice and Bowls on SE Stark

Canteen - Counter
Canteen – Counter
Canteen - Restroom Mural
Canteen – Restroom Mural
Canteen - Southern Bowl
Canteen – Southern Bowl
Canteen - Summer Breeze
Canteen – Summer Breeze

Slip on down to SE Stark and 28th in Portland and into Canteen. This vegan/organic/local eatery is turning two years old this May, having evolved from the Sip juice carts.

I am far more familiar with the Canteen at the local VA Medical Center. The two are worlds apart. I got a certificate from the Cocotte Portland Food Adventure and dropped in after a nice 8-mile walk hosted by the East County Wind Walkers several miles east on Stark.

It was worth the drive. Canteen was quite busy, both for dine-in and take-out at noon on a Saturday. The order-taking went fast, but I could see a big line-up of tickets to be fulfilled by the kitchen. I ordered a juice and a bowl, took my number and had to decide whether to eat in the small dining room (which was noisy with the blenders going), the covered porch or outside on tables. I chose the porch.

My juice was the Summer Breeze made with apple, cilantro, pineapple, cucumber and lime. It took a few minutes to arrive, but in the meantime I enjoyed water with cucumber or lemon from pitchers handy on the counter. The Summer Breeze was very good — only a touch of sweetness, not heavy or pulpy. I’m not a juicer, I avoid them due to high sugar content. This showed me how juices done properly won’t send you into sugar shock.

When the bowl arrived, it was not only gorgeous but very, very tasty. I got the Southern Bowl with bbq soy curls, collard greens, black-eyed peas, brown rice, carrot and cabbage slaw, cashew ranch dressing and green onions. Everything worked together perfectly. This was only my second encounter with bbq soy curls, the first being at the Homegrown Smoker. I think I would seek them out for salads, bowls and sandwiches. The sauce had a little heat to it, which I enjoyed. I considered taking half of the bowl home for tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch (they have to-go containers handy for you to use), but instead snarfed the whole thing down. Yum.

After this stop, I would happily choose to eat there again during my walks. They are handily open for breakfast, lunch and dinner hours, 9 am – 9 pm, closed only on Mondays. That is super for weekend walks. They also offer organic beer and wine as well as kombucha on tap.

The restroom was worth checking out, with a black and white mural on all of the walls.

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