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BBQ in the 'Couv

I am interested in finding restaurants that use locally-sourced meat and produce. But my preliminary explorations online found only a couple of Vancouver restaurants on the Foodshed PDX list. It appears that blog is going inactive, however.

But it is also of value to patronize small local restaurants vs. chains. I miss the Aloha Grill in Tualatin. It’s locally owned and the Aloha Beef was to die for. We’ve explored a few teriyaki places in Vancouver but I haven’t found a good substitute.

Rich still often stops at Buster’s Texas-Style BBQ in Tigard on his weekly jaunts to Tualatin. It’s small locally-owned chain. In fact, Buster himself and I were both clients of the same exercise trainer, as was Horst Mager of the local Rheinlander German restaurants. I’m a big fan of Rheinlander as well.

Meanwhile back in the ‘Couv (short for Vancouver). We’ve found two barbecue joints that are both located inside convenience stores. Pig Heaven is located at the corner of St. John’s and Minnehaha. For the cost of a sandwich elsewhere, you can get a wrap with (I swear) about a pound of barbecue in it – pork, beef, or chicken. But their only choice of bbq sauce is pretty spicy. I like it, but a little too hot for my husband. The Columbian advertiser mailer arrived on Monday with a review of Goldies Texas Style Barbeque, just a little over a mile away at NE Fourth Plain and 112th. It’s located inside a Shell station’s convenience store, with no seating available, just take-out. I picked up two pulled pork sandwiches with the mild sauce and they were delicious. They also have hot sauce. And they give out cards to stamp and get a free sandwich eventually. These are the sort of honest 1-2 person businesses that deserve support.

I’m cooking a lot more nowadays and eating out less. I love to eat out, but it’s a good principle to choose a locally-owned, non-chain restaurant. We’ve been watching “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and just get a hankering for some bbq and burgers.