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American Grassfed Beef

I was up way too early one morning and went online shopping. From LocalHarvest.org I searched for grassfed or pastured meat, hoping to find a supplier in my area. I can usually find grassfed or natural beef in some of the grocery stores, but often the variety is lacking and the supplier isn’t local anyway. I ended up ordering a variety cookout box from American Grassfed Beef in Doniphan, Missouri. The company definitely had a personal touch, as after ordering I got a personal email telling me that since the frozen shipment would have arrived on July 4, they were going to delay it so it didn’t take too long to arrive. I responded back that this was fine and got an email back again saying it was appreciated! And once it shipped, I got another email saying they had upgraded my burgers to 1/2 pounders as they were out of 1/3 pounders!

My variety pack included four 6 oz. tenderloin steaks, 6 burgers, and 3 packs of bratwurst. Unfortunately for my husband, the bratwurst listed onion as an ingredient. My first meal was the burgers. They grilled nicely and I served them about medium done. I was a bit leery about eating a half pound burger, as I prefer the bun and condiments and cheese to the burger usually. But my first bite was delicious. My husband, who I hadn’t told this was a special grassfed beef patty, also stopped about 3 bites in and said the burger tasted fantastic. Usually he likes fresh beef for burgers rather than the Costco frozen ground sirloin patties. The burgers were definitely a big winner, and I’d be inclined to order more and stock up.

Last night we had the tenderloin. I didn’t do any special preparation, just grilled it as I would any other. The website says that grassfed steaks benefit by being mechanically tenderized with a Jaccard meat tenderizer – basically a big comb you stab into the meat like you were aerating your lawn. Otherwise, they tend to overcook easily and get tough. While I like medium rare or even rare steaks, my husband prefers medium well. The meat was very soft in consistency out of the package, but the steaks ended up not being as tender as the Costco tenderloin we are used to. Frankly, they were still better than 90% of the steak I’ve had in top restaurants. But my husband gave them a flunking grade since he knows the Costco beef is so good.

I have had two of the sausages for breakfast the past couple of days and they are very nice. Being beef, they aren’t as tasty as the Sweet Briar Farms pork bratwurst, but still are very good. They are not greasy, have a good texture, and make a good breakfast.

I plan to try a local supplier of grassfed beef soon and will be able to compare. The local supplier ALSO ships the beef frozen, so there would be little difference in the transport. I would like to stock up on grassfed hamburger to use for meatballs and burgers. But it may end up that for our luxury steaks, we go for the best taste rather than for humanely raised beef.