Portlanders are Weather Wimps

The two farmers markets I listed for this weekend are now canceled due to inclement weather. Portland Farmers Market and Hillsdale Farmers Market will not be open. I guess there won’t be any giftwrapped local organic beets under the Christmas tree this year.

Vancouver has thus far been spared any really problematic weather, other than the pipe-freezing temperatures. The roads have been clear and not slippery. But even the chance of more than a skiff of snow is enough to close down schools and events. In all fairness, I wouldn’t want farmers loading up the truck and risking an accident only to discover they have few customers at their destination. Still, I imagine many people take public transit to the Portland Farmers Market most of the time, and anybody living in Hillsdale must have studded snow tires.

I am reveling in the luxury of being only a short drive from work. But that also means fewer excuses about chancing the commute in foul weather. However, my husband is stuck on the snow route for his bus to Portland, which has meant standing in the cold for 40 minutes when the transfers don’t meet up.

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