The Benefits of a Delayed Christmas

I attempted to get to the post-Christmas sales on Dec. 26. I made it a half block to the corner and became stuck in the deeply rutted snow. It was melting, but there was still a foot-high ridge of ice and snow between the ruts. After much forward/reverse, I managed to get moving again and pulled out to a road that had been plowed. Whew. I continued on to Fred Meyer, only to discover their parking lot was in the same poor condition as the side streets. I didn’t stop and kept going. I made it back into the driveway on the second try, having had to circle the cul-de-sac on the first try.

Rich went to work, first taking a bus to downtown Vancouver, then another bus to Delta Park Max station, then Max to the Rose Quarter, then bus 8 up Marquam Hill, but the road to the hospital was blocked by three previous buses, so he had to walk the final 1/4 mile up the hill. Coming home was a similar odyssey. When you have to make 3 transfers to get to your destination, public transit is a poor option.

Walking was also a very poor option, as the sidewalks along major streets were still buried under a foot or more of rotten melting snow and ice. The only place to walk was in the car ruts on side streets, which now were growing slick as they melted.

I stayed holed up until Saturday and the meltdown was in full swing. I was finally able to buy the deeply discounted Christmas decorations I wanted for next year, but could actually use this year for our family celebration on Sunday. While a true locavore might cut her own swags each year, I’m just not crafty, and the branches on our Douglas fir are up over 50 feet, so I can’t harvest them in my own yard. I prefer to go the “re-use” route so I don’t have to buy them each year and recycle them each year. I didn’t buy any lights or lighted ornaments. I liked our “green” non-electric Christmas decor and I think we’ll continue that for next year.

Due to the weather delay, I was able to cook the Christmas dinner for my family today, on Sunday. I used the local organic potatoes I bought at the harvest farmers market before Thanksgiving. They were just starting to sprout eyes. I have enough gravy left that I’ll be cooking up the rest in the next few days.

Everyone in the family had their tales of weather adventures from the past two weeks. Since I ordered a snow shovel online, I doubt we’ll see any such snowfall again in my lifetime.

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