Agriculture Day

Tomato and Beet SproutsIt’s the first day of Spring, National Agriculture Day, and the Great American Meatout Day. I have about 200 seedlings growing around my bathtub. I had to take the sprouted plugs out of the Jiffy Greenhouse because the shoots were too tall, while some later-germinating types such as the peppers have yet to sprout. Not bad for five days on the farm!

Life on the farm is good. I called the landscaper and my garden plot should be installed early next week. It will be another couple of weeks before these guys are ready to plant. Meanwhile, the lettuce seeds I planted outside in planters show no signs of sprouting. But those planters also seem to be tilled by the squirrels as they bury the peanuts a neighbor gives them. I don’t know what this bodes for the garden.

The First Family is following in my footsteps and Michelle Obama broke ground on a kitchen garden at the White House today. Is she sprouting her seeds, too? I suppose they have some federal greenhouse that provides the landscaping plants for around the White House. I am preparing my garden plot the lazy way, by having a local small business install it and the sprinklers. That’s my local stimulation plan! Seeing Michelle with a shovel makes me think I really need to read about Back Safe Gardening. My plot doesn’t have any grass to dig up, and our soil is mostly a pile of rocks and gravel. So I’m having all of the good soil delivered and mounded on top.

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