Hillsboro Orenco Station Farmers Market

I am always on the lookout for a farmers markets held on Sundays. On Saturday I may be off doing a walk that isn’t near a farmers market, and need to use Sunday to stock up on veggies. At Orenco Station in Hillsboro, the Hillsboro Sunday Farmers Market opened for the season on Mother’s Day and Mom just happened to want lunch nearby. I arrived early and browsed the market. This is still early season, so the produce was slim pickings. But I picked up some excellent plant starts and could see this was a healthy-sized market that will be well worth the stop in the future. It is near the large parking lot for New Seasons Market for easy car access. And I always enjoy a stop at New Seasons itself to pick up items the farmers don’t carry.

Mom says she likes to go to the farmers market in downtown Hillsboro on Saturday.

Orenco Station is a planned community built for a car-light lifestyle. I enjoyed an hour-long stroll around the development and I think I would enjoy living there. We have often had volksmarches here. If you work nearby at Intel, you can indeed bike or walk to work. But I don’t think anybody has space out back for a decent sized garden.
Photos of Orenco Station

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