Peas, Tomatoes, Peppers and Collard Greens

My garden has been growing, although I believe the contractor mixed in some of the old bark dust with the soil. Since it contained Caseron to keep the weeds away, I haven’t been able to sprout anything from seed except for the peas. The peas might have benefited from an area less tainted, but they grew well and I’ve frozen a couple bags of them.

Now, late July, the first tomatoes and peppers are ready to sample. I picked a large beef tomato and we had our first BLT sandwich. It was great. The chocolate pepper I picked was mild and still green but worked well in my breakfast mini-quiches.

The collard greens are finally full-sized, so I picked a bunch and cooked them with bacon bits for dinner with a pork steak. They were dandy.

The CSA is providing a lot of large white onions this year, so it’s as well that my onions didn’t sprout.

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