Lux the Cat Deserves Rescue

By now, if you haven’t heard the story of Lux the Cat, you’ve been off the grid for over a week. Baby attacks cat, cat attacks baby, daddy kicks cat, cat goes postal and corners the whole family so they have to call 911 to be rescued. Cat goes to shelter and Cat Whisperer is coming to get everybody calmed down.

I was part of a similar but less-dramatic story. When my husband finally agreed that we could get a cat, within 8 hours I had a cat delivered to my house. Alia had been owned by a couple who had a baby. When Alia attacked the baby, she got sent to live with grandma. Poor Alia was used to being an indoors cat and now her life was moping around the windows hoping to be let in. She arrived at our house in a basket and as soon as the lid was opened, she calmly stepped out, found a cozy corner and fell asleep. She was a big cat, over 15 pounds. She was a long-haired half-Siamese. After adapting to us in about 30 seconds, she spend the next several years giving us love and attention. We named her Scooter because we had to scoot her out of whatever chair she was occupying if we wanted a seat. No problem, she was in our lap seconds later.

While Scooter was never aggressive with us, she did hide and quake in fear whenever a child visited our house. It was obvious she had been punished for being around children, and she never forgot.

Lux’s story could have a similar happy ending. I think the best thing would be for her to go to a calm household without children, where she was the only pet.

After Scooter, we had a cat-free period until my hairdresser insisted that Hershey go home with me. My hairdresser had five children, two dogs and other pets. The dogs had been harassing Hershey and even broken her tail. Luckily, her owner recognized that my home would be a nice, calm place where she would be happy and enrich our lives. Hershey was queen of our roost for the rest of her life.

I think our next cat will come into our lives the same way. I know there are thousands who would love to rescue Lux into a nice calm household.

While kittens are cute, I prefer to adopt an adult cat. They may have some violence in their past, but in a calm household they can flourish.

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